Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversify Your Portfolio with an Emerging Asset Class & Join the E-Commerce Revolution

We use our 100+ years of combined experience and expertise in e-commerce to build you a sustainable asset within an emerging class that pays dividends quickly.

Frictionless Income
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The onboarding process is quick and easy, and after you’re onboarded, our team of experts handles every aspect of building, managing, and growing your store, in-house with zero outsourcing.
Digital Real Estate
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An Amazon FBA Business can be a valuable digital asset, potentially appreciating in value over time. According to Sellerap, in 2021, the average sales price for Amazon FBA brands on their marketplace was $1,246,759.04, with a 40X multiple." "Successful Amazon FBA businesses may have the potential for a strong resale market."
Built for Busy Working Professionals, by Professionals
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Our programs are entirely hands-off by design, so that you can focus on what you’re best at, while we do what we’re best at. Our model is designed to ensure that our interests are deeply aligned.
Unparalleled Operations
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While most providers use 3PL’s (3rd party logistics companies), Ascend exclusive operates as its own logistics and distribution firm at its HQ warehouses, and is trusted by many of the biggest brands that you already know and love. We don’t outsource our fulfillment process, which may allow your store to run more efficiently and earn higher margins.
Our Growth Should Tell You Everything
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In 3+ years, Ascend had grown to have multiple warehouses, hundreds of total employees, 100+ full time US based employees, millions in Amazon revenue, hundreds of active clients, and thousands of brand licensing partnerships.

Show Me The Numbers

With 4 warehouse facilities, a proven scalable infrastructure and some of the most talented leadership in the industry, Ascend CapVentures is responsible for pulling in millions in revenue for our clients on Amazon alone.

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ecommerce logistics and tech industry
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How It Works

Consult & Invest

Consult with Our Experts

Set up a free consultation with us, and if approved, select a package to get started. Once you submit payment to set up your business with Ascend, we’ll take care of the rest.

We Build

We Build

We use our hybrid business model, proprietary software, expansive wholesale and direct to manufacturer relationships network to build you a long-term, sustainable business that produces income, while we manage.

You See Profits

We Grow Your Store(s)

Watch us scale your business past the 4, 5 or 6-figure per month mark and beyond using the same proven strategies we’ve used to build our biggest clients’ e-commerce businesses to thousands in revenue per month. We’ll build a strategy that fits your needs and budget.

How It Works

Consult & Invest

Consult & Invest

Set up a consultation with us, invest and provide the working capital. We’ll do all the rest. We’ll even provide assistance with sourcing capital if you need it.

We Build

We Build

We use our hybrid business model, proprietary software, AI-driven research and wholesale relationships to build you a long-term, sustainable business that produces income while you sleep.

You See Profits

You See Profits

Watch us scale your business past the 5-figure per month mark and beyond using the same proven strategies we’ve used to build our biggest clients’ ecommerce businesses to $100,000+ revenue per month.
results may vary*

Benefit From Up To 3 Powerful Product Sourcing and Fulfillment Models

Ascend CapVentures takes scalability and sustainability to a new level by combining logistics with proprietary technology and multiple distribution models to ensure you get maximum growth from your investment and some of the most sustainable margins in the industry.


Wholesaling (Direct from Manufacturer)

Once we have sourced wholesaler access for your business, we’ll begin to source products for your store directly through Ascend’s exclusive wholesale partners and manufacturers. We buy millions of units of products at volume discounts prices so that you can benefit from high margins. We purchase products through multiple distributor partnerships including Ascend Distribution so that you can receive the same volume discounts, without needing to meet high minimum purchase quantities. These FBA products are stored in Amazon warehouses as “Amazon Prime” products, granting access to 2-day & next-day shipping.

Hybrid (FBM) Model

After we’ve incorporated wholesaling and the account reaches better maturity, we initiate a direct-to-end-customer (FBM) model. Your store will then be able to source products and have us handle fulfillment, allowing us to sell to non-prime consumers.


Private Label (own your own brand)

With this add-on, we use our partnered manufacturers in US, Canada, Latin America, and Asia to build your store a product line from the ground up that sells under your own brand name. Not only can this add significant value to your investment as we build a proprietary brand around your store — but private label products can sometimes average extremely high margins. These products have zero direct competition on Amazon

Did You Know?

Clients with the right working capital have the potential to hit up to six figure monthly revenues within 12-16 months.

*results may vary

Amazon 2 year financial projections

Amazon 2 year financial projections
*These projections are based off the date of first sale and not start of contract. Results may vary.

Why Our Clients Love Us

From our streamlined onboarding process, to unmatched support and predictable ROI — our clients have a lot to say. Hear what our clients say about what it’s like to partner with Ascend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start building your e-commerce asset, simply set up a completely free consultation with us. Please bear in mind, this Walmart or Fully Managed Amazon opportunity requires an initial upfront investment as well as working capital to grow the store. We only partner with clients who have a healthy income or financial profile and are looking to build or expand into the online space. Please set up a consultation now if this describes you!

You’ll begin to see an ROI on your business as soon as your first sale  which is generally between 90-120 days from onboarding. Most product sales have an average ROI of about 20-40%. In terms of the return on your total investment, this will vary depending on multiple factors and variables; like your working capital deployment for product purchases, consumer market shifts, the program you purchased, time of year you started, profit split percentage and amazon seller central updates to name a few. Please consult our partnership team for more information around this topic so they can better assess your goals and give you a more accurate picture based on the level of participation/ program you’re leaning towards. That being said, businesses tend to perform stronger as they mature. As your store and reputation grows  and matures on the platform, algorithimically you become more favored by the platform and you’ll experience the effect of “compounding” as your the door opens for overall profit increase and we facilitate your Amazon business in the direction to move greater volume on the platform

You can typically expect to get your first sale within 120 days from when your first inventory purchase has been made. This time frame is an estimate based on our experience working with dozens of different clients. However, everyone’s results vary.

If you already have a personal account, that’s great! We can use it by upgrading it to a professional account so you can scale. Also note that, if you have a suspension or poor history, you’ll want to consult with our team so we can assess your account for you.

Important note: upgrading to a professional account is necessary because of the volume of products we’ll be selling together

Let Us Start Building Your E-Commerce Asset Now