Our Story

Today that infrastructure is leveraged by a growing network of hundreds of clients, 4 exclusive warehouse facilities around the US, and 3 offices, domestic and international. Each client relationship is driven by quality, performance, and transparency, all while building additional wealth and expanding appreciating digital assets. The Ascend CapVentures team has generated over 9 figures in e-commerce revenue and is now dedicated to serving your interests as a partner in this digital age. 

Ascend’s executive team have an extensive background working with silicon valley tech startups as well as international e-commerce brands. Ascend CapVentures spawned when they noticed a gap in the market. It was filled with unqualified providers, lacking proper execution, ethics and infrastructure. Leveraging their expertise, e-commerce success and business acumen, they flipped the script on the industry and brought in tier 1 infrastructure for fulfillment, product research, analytics, logistics and customer service. e

Our Story

Meet The Team

Will Basta
Will BastaChief Revenue Officer
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With 10+ years experience in technology , e-commerce & business strategy, Will has been an integral part of innovate growth for multiple companies prior to Ascend Ecom. He brings a breadth of knowledge and a strategical approach to Ascend's growth.
Jeremy Leung
Jeremy LeungChief Operating Officer
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Jeremy, a USA MBA educated professional from Australia. Has a decade of experience within the logistics and commerce space. Working for some of the most successful brands globally, he has knowledge and experience of which is rarely found.

Why Our Clients Love Us

From our streamlined onboarding process, to unmatched support and predictable ROI — our clients have a lot to say. Hear what our clients say about what it’s like to invest in Ascend Capventures.

We Are Hiring

We are hiring! Ascend CapVentures is looking for professionals to join our team and contribute to our growth and vision. We are currently hiring for both ONSITE roles in Dallas, TX  at our Warehouse facility, as well as remote positions across the United States. 

– Director of Internal Compliance
– Senior Account Manager
– Logistics Coordinator


Why Choose Ascend CapVentures?

Ascend CapVentures isn’t your average fully managed e-commerce provider. We’re a logistics company and wholesale distributor at heart, with our e-commerce growth agency and advisory layered on top of our sustainable infrastructure. We’re so confident we’ll get you results that we offer a contractual buy back guarantee. When you partner with Ascend, you get a streamlined experience with your business fully managed by the most experienced team in the industry. 

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